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    Christophe Ho Quoc

    Choosing a plastic surgeon to operate on your body requires a relation of confidence between the patient and the doctor.

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    Dr. Ho Quoc practices at the Val d'Ouest Clinic (39 chemin de la Vernique, 69130 Ecully).
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Body contouring

A beautiful silhouette combines harmony in curves and a …

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Surgery of the face

The face shows the personality of the patient. It is important that …

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Aesthetic surgery of the breasts

The cleavage is a key area for the patient when it comes to breast aspect …

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Lipofilling or fat transfer

The lipofilling is a technique that has profoundly improved …

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Breast reconstructive surgery

The breast is a symbol of femininity…

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Aesthetic medicine

Nowadays, cosmetic medicine is inseparable from cosmetic surgery…

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Dr Christophe Ho Quoc

Dr Christophe Ho Quoc is a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon. This surgical specialty is very diverse and for this reason itrequires excellence during formation in order to perfectly respond to the patient’s needs.

Dr Ho Quoc performs all the surgical interventions himself. He is registered to The Order of Doctors in Rhône with the number 22532.