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Before surgery

It is important to clarify all the prescribed medication before surgery. Depending on the drugs, some can be stopped temporarily for the intervention, at your physician recommendation
It is advisable to continue your homeopathic treatment if you are used to take one before surgery
Yes, these injections that are performed in consultation with immediate effect. You can start working right after the procedure.
It is important to have some breast imaging before breast surgery (ultrasound and/or mammogram).
You can ask all your questions in consultation.

After surgery

Dr Ho Quoc is going to see you at 15 days and then 3 months after surgery. The last visit is going to be one year after the operation.
Classical, you have to wait at least 3 months before final result evaluation. This is the shortest period needed for the edema resorption after surgery.
After surgery, bed rest for recovery is recommended. Massage usually can be started a few weeks after the operation, in order to soften the scar and reduce edema.
You can ask all your questions in consultation.